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Spiral Systems Service

We started in business 28 years ago rebuilding and relocating spirals this gave us a vast knowledge of quality points and upgrades needed of systems that need updating.

There are a lot of spiral “belting companies selling “Optimization” or touting “We do it all”. Belting companies are in business to sell belting we surely doubt a belting company would sell you a competitors belt if yours  needs to be replaced. (Even if the competitor belt is a better fit or better price).
We sell and design the right belt give you options of all manufacturers belts plus can offer guaranteed low pricing. We have no objective except to see you get the best product at the best pricing.

List of our services include:

  • Scheduled belt flips in order to even out belt operational “stretching” and thereby extend belt life

  • Replacement of UHMW track and cage bars, pulley wheels and guides. These are called ware parts and do ware out if they are not replaces belt and frame of spiral can be compromised.

  • Relocation of system we can breakdown any system in the field rebuild it and reinstall, reconfigure it. We have moved numerous spiral freezers, coolers, dryers, proofers, etc.

  • Modifying belt width or type. Don’t be trapped with a  belt that is not wide enough rebuilding the outer frame to accommodate wider belts with reduced radius is possible, as well as adding support rails and reconfiguring take up towers to accommodate plastic belts.

  • Control upgrades: not only can we develop recipe screens to make your production changes easy, we can help you save energy by designing reduced airflow via inverters for freezing lines. (in some states you can received substantial energy credits and rebates as well as saving operational costs)

  • We  use our skilled direct employees to do the required work. Ask our competition if they use all there own people or are you getting millwrights and riggers to do the work and if they say “Yes” ask for it in writing in the contract…

We are certified in most of the large companies to work on Spirals, and we are the first choice to accomplish spiral work for these companies, ask us for a reference….

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Committed to Customer Service

  • Our systems are large investments, and we are committed to taking the time to work closely with our customers to provide a top quality system that fits the company's needs.
  • We provide extensive post-installation support to ensure that your system is running efficiently and problem-free.
  • On-site training is available to instruct your staff on proper maintenance and upkeep of the system.
  • A Spiral Systems representative is always on call to help resolve a problem immediately, should one occur.
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