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spiral systems
Spiral Freezer Systems

Spiral Freezer Systems

Not all spiral freezers are made the same in fact all spiral freezer are customized to fit your production needs, space constraints, and refrigeration demands.

There are many choices we offer in customizing your current production with spiral design that will grow with future products and demands.

We have found in designing freezers that the main criteria is:

  • Belt width: it is always better to have more width in order to load more efficiently, or merge two production lines into one spiral

  • Belt type: Plastic is the choice for wide belts over 44” because of radius weights, while Stainless is not an insulator as plastic is and actually conducts the cold to the bottom of the product so it a better choice for packaged goods /

  • Product clearance: while you may have a 2” thick product today you may have a 4” thick product tomorrow and not be able to run it through your freezer

  • Air flow and evaporator design.: Many spiral companies are really material handling manufacturers with no refrigeration engineers employed  this is where we win as we have a background of thermodynamics and staffed and experienced engineers to make sure you are getting the most efficient design for your spiral freezing system

  • More coil surface: the more area the evaporator has on surface (meaning the area you see not the depth) the more area to absorb frost and allow longer production runs without defrost. While more surface area cost more money to buy it more then pays itself back in the 3 or 4 hours a week you can run for the life of the freezer.

  • Patented Sequential defrost: not only do we have the latest issued patent on sequential defrost it is the only process that does not sent the defrost heat into the spiral freezer during defrost thereby not raising temperature in the freezer. This system while again not cheap to add over a base system will and can allow you to run your freezer for weeks at a time without defrost adding as much 10% more production per week on the same line….. You do the numbers…

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Committed to Customer Service

  • Our systems are large investments, and we are committed to taking the time to work closely with our customers to provide a top quality system that fits the company's needs.
  • We provide extensive post-installation support to ensure that your system is running efficiently and problem-free.
  • On-site training is available to instruct your staff on proper maintenance and upkeep of the system.
  • A Spiral Systems representative is always on call to help resolve a problem immediately, should one occur.
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